Liquidity Services and Portfolio Companies

Company Li-Cycle AG
Founded 2016
Head Office Toronto, Canada
Sector Critical VBattery Materials
Industry Metals and Minerals



Company Amex Exploration
Founded 1997
Head Office Montreal, Canada
Sector Junior Mining Exploration
Industry Mining



Company Fokus Mining Corp.
Founded 1985
Head Office Rouyn-Noranda, Canada
Sector Basic Materials
Industry Metals and Mining


Company G2 Technologies Corp.
Founded 2014
Head Office Vancouver, British Columbia
Sector Energy
Industry Oil & Gas



Company Newrange Gold Corp.
Founded 2006
Head Office  Vancouver, Canada
Sector Mining
Industry Metals



Company Prosper Gold Corp.
Founded 2012
Head Office Vancouver, Canada
Sector Mineral Exploration
Industry Resources
Website Prosper Gold Corp. | Home


Company Southern Empire Resources Corp.
Founded 2017
Head Office Vancouver, Canada
Sector Basic Minerals
Industry Gold



Company Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.
Founded 2007
Head Office Ontario, Canada
Sector Healthcare
Industry Biotechnology


Company Aguila American Gold Ltd.
Founded 1997
Head Office Vancouver, Canada
Sector Gold Mining
Industry Metals and Mining



Company Ynvisible Interactive Inc.
Founded 2018
Head Office  Vancouver, Canada
Sector Technology
Industry Electronic Components



Company Clean Air Metals Inc.
Founded 1987
Head Office Thunder Bay, Canada
Sector Basic Materials
Industry Other Precious Metals and Mining


Company Medallion Resources Ltd.
Founded 1989
Head Office Vancouver, Canada
Sector Rare-Earth Elements
Industry Mining & Metals



Company Lion E-Mobility AG
Founded 2008
Head Office Frieding, Germany
Sector E-Mobility
Industry Electrical Energy



Li-Cycle Corp.

Li-Cycle is on a mission to leverage its innovative solution to address an emerging and urgent global challenge. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries…. read more

Amex Exploration

Amex Exploration is building a gold resource along its 3 km Perron Gold Corridor where 3 gold zones have already been identified on the 100% owned … read more

Fokus Mining Corp.

Fokus Mining Corporation is a mineral resource company actively exploring in Quebec on acquiring and exploring precious metals deposits… read more

G2 Technologies Corp.

G2 Technologies Corp. (G2) is a Canadian based company that is focused on developing opportunities in the energy and emerging… read more

Newrange Gold Corp.

Newrange Gold Corp. was incorporated in 2006 as Colombian Mines Corporation, dedicated to exploring high quality mineral properties in Colombia… read more

Clean Air Metals Inc.

Canadian based platinum and palladium exploration company focused on advancing its flagship Thunder Bay North project located in the Thunder… read more

Prosper Gold Corp.

Prosper Gold Corp’s focus is on high grade gold vein systems, modelled after their previous company, Richfield Ventures. The aim of the company is… read more

Southern Empire Resources Corp.

Southern Empire is targeting a million-plus ounce oxide gold deposit at its Oro Cruz Gold Project located in the Caborca Orogenic Gold Belt; the… read more

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.

Tetra Bio-Pharma is focused on providing clinical programs aimed at bringing novel drugs and treatments to patients and their healthcare providers… read more

Aguila American Gold Ltd.

Aguila American Gold Ltd (“Aguila”) is a mature company embarking on a new journey.  The name is proudly inspired by the soaring American Eagle, that will… read more

Ynvisible Interactive Inc.

Ynvisible’s vision is to bring everyday objects and surfaces to life, benefitting people in a smart and connected world. Ynvisible’s mission is to provide… read more

Lion E-Mobility AG

LION E-Mobility AG, founded in 2011, is a publicly traded Swiss holding with highly promising strategic investments in the e-mobility sector… read more

Medallion Resources Ltd.

Medallion Resources Ltd. has been working for a number of years on a smart approach to achieve significant and low-cost production of rare-earth magnet… read more



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